WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor

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The WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor

Transform your listening experience with the WOLFWAVE. So easy to use and so amazing to hear. – The world most advanced audioprocessor?



  • Fully adjustable audio band-pass filtering
    • instantly adjustable for voice, data and CW (50 Hz to 5 kHz)
  • State-of-the-art adaptive noise reduction
    • 100 levels plus advanced control functions
  • Age-related hearing loss correction
    • using ISO hearing-loss curves for males or females
  • One-touch bypass function
    • see how much improvement your WOLFWAVE makes
  • Memories for your settings
    • easily store and recall your favorite settings (four presets)
  • Bright, clear, spectrum display
    • see what’s happening in your radio pass-band
  • Audio test generator including two-tone test
    • sine, square and triangular wave
  • Experimental CW regenerator
    • enjoy noise-free CW QSOs
  • On-screen help
    • so easy to use
  • Tuning/Overload LED
    • dual colour indicator makes tuning easy
  • User updatable firmware by USB
    • keep up with the latest developments
  • Speaker output (1.1 Watts @ 10% THD)
    • full power achieved when using 12 Volt external supply
  • Separate speaker and headphone output
    • great for exhibition stations
  • Low current drain
    • 80 mA quiescent
  • Small size
    • 140W x 80D x 27H (mm)
  • Lightweight
    • 140 grams

WOLFWAVE is supplied with 1 x USB lead (power) and 1 x Audio lead (3.5mm jack plugs).


 Technical information

WOLFWAVE uses a high performance 32-bit ARM Cortex M7 processor. This is the highest performance processor of the energy-efficient ARM M-series. This powerful processor is paired up with a 20-bit CODEC and a 1.6 Watt audio amplifier for superb


Video showing one of the prototypes


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