RS-928 150W HF Power Amplifier

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  • HF power amplifier for QRP transceiver, Improve signal。Can be used both  as a base and mobile/portable unit,Extremely Small Compact and lightweight ,
  • Built in lowpass filter
  • RF band switching
  • Automatic temperature control and heat dissipation
  • Perfect protection function: high voltage, low voltage, high standing wave, high temperature.
  • Full digital power, standing wave display, etc.
  • This amplifier can be successfully used with other QRP rigs such as the ICOM, Recent, KX-3, Yaesu etc


General Specifications

Power Supply 13.8V±15%
Maximum Current ≤25A
Maximum Output Power 150W±10%
Maximum Input Power ≤15W
Dimension(W×H×D) 215mm × 80mm × 190mm
Weight 1200g


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