DSP Audio Filter Units – ready to use

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Digital Signal Audio Signal Filter Units

***A great addition for your FT817 if you don’t fancy installing our internal DSP filter***

This is a ready-built DSP audio filter unit using one of our popular DSP modules. The ideal unit to give your older receivers a new lease of life with greatly improved filtering. Also good to use with simple kit radios that only have very basic filtering. Connects to the headphone socket on your radio. Our DSP filters offer a greatly superior shape-factor to analogue filters.

Each unit has two selectable audio filters:

  • SSB + CW (BW:Wide=2700Hz, Narrow=300 Hz);
  • CW wide + CW narrow or (BW:Wide=1000Hz, Narrow=300 Hz);
  • SSB wide + SSB narrow (BW:Wide=2700Hz, Narrow=2400Hz).

The front panel features the CW Tuning LED (Sig) and Overload LED (Lvl) as well as a bandwidth switch (W/N) and volume control(Vol). The rear panel has 3.5 mm stereo sockets for audio in and out as well as a power socket for a DC supply (5-15 Volts).

As supplied, the unit will drive headphones or a small loudspeaker. Because the filter module is a plug-in unit you can swap between different LASERBEAM-DUAL modules depending on your application. A power plug is included.

Optional Extras

A 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack to jack lead might be handy so we got some in.

Cable for your power lead could be useful.


Size: 85 x 63 x 30 mm

Weight: 136 grams

Supply Voltage: 5 – 15 Volts

Current: 70 mA – using headphones

Power output: 700mW sufficient to drive a small loudspeaker

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SSB/CW, CW(Wide)/CW(Narrow), SSB(Wide)/SSB(Narrow)


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