Click2Tune Dongle for the FT-817, 818, 857 and 897

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Easy tuning dongle for the FT-817, FT-897, FT857

If you use an FT-817, 857 or 897 with an antenna tuner you will have noticed the lack of any straightforward way to  send a carrier for tuning. To do so requires you to change the mode. Given the slightly clunky user interface on these radios, sending a tone can require several key presses. It’s annoying in the shack and can be very frustrating in the field. This is all the more of a problem if you use a narrow-band antenna such as a magnetic lop that needs frequent re-tuning.

The Click2Tune makes the tuning process so much easier! It’s a tiny dongle containing a sophisticated microprocessor that plugs into the the back of your radio. Once set up, tuning just requires a double click of the microphone PTT switch to send a carrier; that’s all. Brilliant!

With the 857 and 897 you might wish to carry out tuning at low power, the Click2Tune does this too by allowing you to select the tuning mode. That allows you to tune at 25 Watts – this is especially important for protecting auto-tuners. By the way, the same Click2Tune dongle can be used on all of the radios above, you don’t need different types.

The Click2Tune is a really useful accessory that is sure to make your mobile and portable operating easier!

Download the Click2Tune instructions here.


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