BOXA-LOAD 50 Ohm RF Dummy Load

434.00 kr


50 Ohm Dummy Load

An essential piece of equipment in any radio shack, the BOXA-LOAD is a 50 Ohm dummy load. VSWR better than 1.1:1 from 0 – 30MHz. The BOXA-LOAD includes a built-in LED RF indicator to show when you are transmitting.

Use your dummy load for transmitter testing and alignment. Also useful for testing VSWR bridges.

The kit is easy to build and would make a great club project or evening project. Attention to detail: we even supply a specially made bending/spacing jig for the power resistors so that your load looks just as good as ours! The BOXA-LOAD uses all though-hole components.

NOTE: engraved panels supplied may be black, blue or clear.


Power rating

5 Watts continuous

10 Watts 10 minutes max.

20 Watts 1 minute max.

Allow 10 minute cooling time.

NOTE: the total power rating of the resistors used in the BOXA-LOAD is 24 Watts. To improve power handling, we mount the load resistors off the board. The BOXA-LOAD case is ventilated front and back. We rate our load conservatively.

Return loss (a measure of how well the load absorbs RF)

> 30 dB 0-30MHz (VSWR better than 1.07:1)

> 25 dB 30-70 MHz (VSWR better than 1.12:1)

> 20 dB  70-150 MHz (VSWR better than 1.22:1)


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