Bandspringer Midi , 10m-60m

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Bandspringer Midi HF Longwire Antenna System , 10m-60m

At a glance

  • Bands 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 60m with most tuners
  • Power rating 125 Watts
  • ATU needed? Yes
  • SSB, CW, data? Yes. Fine for all modes


A great antenna for operators who like to travel fast and light; the new Bandspringer weighs in at just 190g (6 1/2 Oz). It’s the ideal antenna to use with a KX3 or KX2 which have an internal antenna tuner.

The current generation of HF portable radios offer great performance on the HF bands—but to get the best out of them, an efficient antenna is required. The Bandspringer is a multi-band long-wire antenna. The length has been carefully chosen to ensure that it will work with the internal antenna tuners in portable radios such as the K1*, KX1, KX2, KX3 and K2. It will also work well with LDG tuners and the Elecraft T1. Note that the Bandspringer must be used with an antenna tuner—it is fine for use with an FT817 or similar radiowith a suitable antenna tuner.

If you want to support your Bandspringer on a pole, I recommend our 7m SOTApole. Any pole between 5 and 7m will be fine. Longer poles can be used by extending the nylon cord at the far end of the antenna.

How does it work?

The length is carefully selected to give a moderate impedance at the end for easy matching. It is also designed to ensure that the current section (where much of the useful radiation comes from) is sufficiently elevated. This is the antenna that I used on most of my SOTA activations to become the first activator to complete England, Wales and The Isle of Man.The Bandspringer Midi is guaranteed to work with any tuner on 40m, 30m and 20m. It will work effectively with most tuners on all bands from 60-10m.


What do you get?

The Bandspringer Midi consists of two wire elements, both are made of high quality stranded wire, insulated with a yellow pvc. This wire type has proved a good compromise between flexibility and performance. The yellow insulating jacket makes it easy to spot on most surfaces which makes handling much easier. The elements for the Bandspringer Midi II version are approximately 42 ft (12.8 m). One element is the radiator the other acts as a counterpoise.

The wire elements are supplied wound on a Wirewinder to make deployment and recovery in the field as easy as possible.The radiating element has a braided nylon cord extension to make it easy to use. The extension is firmly attached to the wire at one end and has a pegging loop at the other end.

Each element is terminated in a good quality 4mm “banana plug”.

The Bandspringer is also supplied with:

  • full instructions
  • nylon carry bag
  • three insulators that can be used to attach the antenna to a pole and to our own pegs (supplied attached)
  • two cable ties – to give more attachment options
  • two aluminium pegs
  • one 4mm to BNC Adapter

Note that the colour of the Wirewinders may vary from the picture.


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