Antenna Traps W3DZZ 7.1 MHz 100 Watts

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40m Traps for W3DZZ Antenna (priced per pair of traps)

The ”W3DZZ antenna” is Charles Buchanan’s famous design for a multiband doublet for 80-40-20-15-10m. Perfect for the keen experimenter requiring an effective portable antenna.

Our traps make the construction of your multi-band antenna much easier! Our W3DZZ traps are supplied in pairs, fully built and tested by us, you just need to make up your antenna. SOTABEAMS’ traps are small and light, reducing the mechanical and visual problems that can occur with heavier co-ax traps. SOTABEAMS W3DZZ traps have 100 pF 1 kV capacitor in parallel with a 5 uH toroidal inductor. The traps will need weatherproofing before use. We recommend Liquid Electical tape.



I recommend using a 1:1 balun with all trapped dipole/doublet antennas. Our balun does a great job. The balun stops the feeder becoming part of the antenna system. My experience is that in the case of trapped antennas, feeder coupling makes them harder to adjust.

The following links describe versions of the W3DZZ antenna:


SOTABEAMS traps are the smallest and lightest commercially available traps.

Note: we provide only the traps – resonated and ready to use. You must make the antenna yourself.


Power rating: 100 Watt

Centre frequency: 7.1 MHz

Weight: 28 g = 1 oz

Length: 6.75 cm, 2.75 inches


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